Kahumoku Priest of the Land


Kahumoku Priest of the Land is a collection of original songs spanning 40 years from 1977 to 2017. Some were recorded before, some not.  All were recorded at my home studio. The various songs were written for loved ones, hoaloha (dear friends), wahi pana (special places), and family events like weddings and baby parties. It includes some songs I’ve co-written with Hawaiian master linguist, Kalani Meinecke, and a song composed with students at my annual workshop. These songs are a reflection of  ‘āina aloha (love for the land) that has been a theme for me for my entire life.


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Mahalo to our team of friends & extended family who helped to make Kahumoku Priest of the Land come to life.

Mahalo to my wife, Nancy, who was the relentless steers women of our canoe, who kept me focused to complete this project. She pulled me from our fields of horses, sheep, goats, ducks, chickens and māla (garden) of native plants (including plenty of weeds) and endless mulching on the farm to come indoors to record, write, go to Iao Valley to take pictures, navigating us through this whole endeavor.

Mahalo to Elliot Prestwich for his extensive graphic design skills, and conceptual and visual talent in creating the CD cover and booklet with Nancy.

Mahalo to Dave Barry for recording & editing. Mahalo for your art and sense of music, timing and poetry in helping me polish my newest songs.

Mahalo to George Winston for reviewing these songs with your amazing ear.

Mahalo Keola Donaghy for reviewing the Hawaiian lyrics with your linguistic skills.

Mahalo to all the friends & family who inspired these songs.

Thanks to a taught time schedule, we squeezed in our photo shoot at Iao Valley right after two hurricanes blew harmlessly by and just before the storm that produced three billion gallons of water in Iao Valley and changed the course of Wailuku Stream, severely damaging the park and 20 homes.

Mahalo Mark & Shayla Middleton for your exceptional photographic skills, Wainani Kealoha for your beautiful lei, and Nancy and Dave Barry for a memorable day taking photos and video. Mahalo Wende for making the beautiful kihei for me.
George Kahumoku, Jr.

Nā ʻOno O Ka ʻĀina
Līlia Nanea
He Pumehana I Ku’u Poli
He Mele Kapa Na Keʻaka
Hoʻoipo Kamahaʻo
Kai Malino
Keiki Kane a Kahuna Pono
Ke Welina Ā Kealoha
Ka Lā Kāwika Malo
Aia ʻO Lānaʻi

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