The Injured Baby Goat

George Kahumoku has a large number of goats on his farm, he always exaggerates the number in the herd and says “fifty” but really it’s around thirty goats at any given time.

Recently a particularly adorable baby broke his leg and it had to have a splint applied.

After three weeks the splint needed to come off.  George went into the field accompanied by our faithful herding dog Li’i Li’i.


Li’i Li’i is a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix who is a herding dog by nature.  It can be difficult to isolate and capture a baby from the pack by yourself, so it was Li’i Li’i’s job to run interference so that the herd is paying attention to her rather than to George, this way he can sneak up on the splinted baby goat and pick him up.

At first we had some trouble isolating the splinted baby goat from the rest of the herd but with the help of Li’i Li’i we were finally able to catch him, which was a good thing because we only had twenty minutes to do this before George had to drive down the mountain to do his radio show.

Once George had the goat in hand I assisted him in cutting the splint off so that we could check his leg. The leg was a little crooked but otherwise healthy and when we released it the baby ran back to the herd without so much as a limp.  He was healthy again.