Slack Key Workshop Day 1

Every year George Kahumoku holds his Annual  Slack Key Guitar & Ukulele Workshop at the Mauian Hotel.  Those who sign up for this event have an opportunity to study Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar with some of the top masters in the genre.   As an added bonus, participants also get to experience George’s top notch cooking every meal, tonight we had beef stew and taro.  As I have stated before George says he loves two things: music and food.  He just isn’t sure which one he likes more.


One class today stood out from the others and was raved about by everyone who attended. this was Hawaiian Blues How to Jam with Others.  It was taught by Bob Brozman and Jeff Peterson, two of the top guitarists/instructors in the world

Every evening as the final event of the day, and before dessert is served, there is a group Kanakapila.  This is an event where all the students and teachers sit in a circle and have a giant jam session.  Students get to jam with masters such as Dennis Kamakahi, Kevin Brown, David Kamakahi, and Jeff Peterson.  Keoki and George lead the session and students take turns selecting and leading their favorite songs

One year, Auntie Edna Bekeart composed a song especially for our workshop, which she often participated in.  She is now on the Big Island with her daughter (she is 93 years old).  George and his students sing her song every year to honor her.


Afterwards dessert is served!