Tutu’s Favorite Songs


“These vintage Hawaiian songs were sung by my Great Grandmother and bring back fond memories of Old Hawaii.  This collection is gentle and soothing and played in the old slack key guitar style.”

George Kahumoku, Jr.




I remember being curled up in my great-grandmother Tutu Lottie Koko’o Ha’ae Kahumoku’s lap listening to her play her ukulele & sing her favorite songs after a long week of picking coffee all day from 4 am to 4 pm and then watching her weave her lauhala mats and hats all the while humming these same songs. On the weekends, she and Grampa Tommy Martinez (Tutu’s boyfriend), would pick up a few jugs of Garden Deluxe wine from Aunty Hanami’s “Fujihara Store” and go across the street to Aunty Aulani Kaupu’s and Uncle Take’s place to kanikapila and ” have a toot ” as she would call it. They shared pupus (hors-d’oeuvres) of ma’ema’e (half dried) fried opelu, opelu palu and wana (sea urchin) with opihi and limu kohu seaweed, or Ake (raw calves liver) with huluhuluwaena seaweed, pimentos, inamona (kukui nut relish), Hawaiian chili peppers, & Hawaiian salt. They would drink and kanikapila (play music) late into the night even sometimes into the early morning. Later when our South Kona Kealia country road was paved and the lines painted, I remember them telling stories about “following the white line” to reach their home a few houses down the street after a full night of sharing drink, pupus, and music. These are the songs I remember hearing them sing from my early childhood from 3-5 years old from 1953-1956.

George Kahumoku, Jr.

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