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There’s a reason he’s been called Hawaii’s Renaissance man:  George Kahumoku Jr. is a multiple Grammy Award winning master slack key guitarist, songwriter, world-traveling performer, teacher, artist, story-teller and writer, farmer and entrepreneur. He hosts a weekly show on Maui called George Kahumoku Jr’s Slack Key Show: Masters of Hawaiian Music which just celebrated it’s16th Anniversary. He has recently recorded a new CD, Renaissance Man.  He will be touring in January-March 2020 and will hold his week-long Annual Slack Key Guitar & Ukulele Workshop on Maui in June.  Around all of this he cultivates taro and raises sheep on his upland Maui farm.




George Kahumoku Jr tours every year both as a soloist and with other Hawaiian Masters.  His relaxed manner and entertaining stories frame his easy going slack key guitar style.  Slack key guitar is a traditional Hawaiian style of open tunings with embellishments unique to Hawaii, and George is a Grammy Award winning master of the craft.  Polished by years of hosting his peers at his popular weekly Slack Key Show – Masters of Hawaiian Music concert series on Maui, George brings Hawaii to you. Experience the warmth, beauty, and culture of Hawaii through his music, stories, and imagery.



“George Kahumoku, Jr. is one of the great Hawaiian slack key guitarists, as well as a wonderful composer, songwriter, song interpreter, vocalist, and storyteller.”  – George Winston,  A Hawaiian Life

“Mr. Kahumoku assumed a natural role as the evening’s host, peppering the show with charming, picaresque stories (“I grew up with 26 cousins in the same household,” went the setup to one of these), and speaking with ease about the origins of the songs. Before singing “I’ll Remember You,” a beloved Hawaiian standard, he recalled his debt to its songwriter, who gave him his first break at age 11. At every turn he got a richly chiming tone from his acoustic guitar and favored a light, easeful flow of rhythm.” – Nate Chinen, New York Times

“Today, native Hawaiian, George Kahumoku Jr is the embodiment of Hawaiian cultural history and its awakening over the last century. He has lived through the re-birth of the essence of his home and family.  He is a master slack key musician with a voice as pure as a Pacific wind, a songwriter, a poet, a farmer, a sculptor, a teacher, a self-styled philosopher and a published author.” – Terry Roland, No Depression

“George Kahumoku, Jr. is a master… His music is played from his heart and soul through the very tips of his finger…”

“Kahumoku was an affable raconteur, mixing his dialogue with passionate renderings of material.” –Los Angeles Times

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