Nov 21: A Weekend in the Life…

I’ve been told that I should write out a checklist to help me get organized and get things done. I thought you might get a kick out of seeing my list for this weekend and get a sense of what my life is like…

Note: Access to our farm is severely limited! The County of Maui is doing road repairs on the main road through Kahakuloa between the 7.5 and the 10 mile markers, which is where we live. The road is closed to traffic everyday Monday-Friday between 7:30 am – 5 pm and expected to run until the end of March, 2015. The road closure has impacted our workforce; the various farmhands in the mornings and the UH Maui College students in the afternoon, who now are only able to come up on weekends.

Things to do for this weekend Nov 21 to Nov 23, 2014:

  1. Update medications
  2. Feed all the animals, 1 dog: Li’ili’I, 1 cat: Hiwahiwa, 3 mini horses:Spirit, Kona Hea and Nani, 12 sheep: Emily, Muffy, Babe, Simba and others not named, 36 goats: Virgil, Hoaloha, Demitree, Flying Nun, Hina, Darkeyes, Darkeyes Daughter, House Goat, Grand daughter, Cow girl, Cow girls Daughter, plus 9 newborns and 4 lost wean offs from Mendes Ranch up at Fustins place, Radar, Rambo, Brownee, our new purebred boar Young Billy plus a bunch of unnamed goats for sale, 3 head of cattle in the lower middle pasture from Jesse Mendes our neighbor to help mow down the tall cane grass, pick feed and guavas for 4 pigs-left in Haiku with Sam, feed 100 ducks and 17 laying hens, try to catch a few of the 4 dozen or so feral chickens.  Then also have Sam move Hoku our old billy and two wean off female goats to Haiku for that Piiholo Herd.
  3. Clear fence lines by hand or weed wacker and do what we can to repair them.
  4. Weed around papayas lemon grass – lay down cardboard and mulch to keep grass down.
  5. Weed wack cane grass and feed that to the horses and goats.
  6. Re-fence or fix broken fences around the 3 top pastures and fix fence holes in the 3 bottom pastures
  7. Schedule Kim and Ed visit for Sat and Sun 7 am- 12 noon to help with the above tasks.
  8. Have Kim and Ed pick up and provide transportation for Linda and Gannon, UH Maui College students, on their way up.
  9. Lay down cardboard and mulch around weeded areas around the house
  10. Saturday Schedule after working our own farm from 7 am – 12 noon:
    1. Drop off 50 pounds green papayas and 50 pounds ripe papayas at Local Harvest by 6:30 am.
    2. Drop off 100 pounds of Williams bananas by 3 pm to Aunty Virgie in Makawao for her Pasteles
    3. Load up purebred boar Young Billy for sale to Ulupalakua Ranch – deliver between 1pm-2 pm
    4. Pick up 4-6 young Doper/ Hampshire Ewes from Ukupalakua  to drop off at Piiholo at Sam Hambeks’s 250 acres lease between 2-3 pm
    5. Perform and attend Kingston Carvalho Baylosis Baby Party 5 pm at Pukalani Community Center
    6. Deliver two gas tanks and cooking woks with lids for baby party along with  cooking utensils and cooking oil.
    7. Deliver pork blood- dinaduawan- from Lahaina Roger RVN, sweet & sour pigs feet from GK and 150 pounds Kalua pig from Sams freezer thawing since Thursday
    8. Vince Baylosis and his crew farm visit to cut coconut leaves and heliconia flowers and banana stumps for table decorations early Saturday for Kingston’s Baby Party
    9. Play music at Kingston’s Baby Party from 5-6:30 pm, the “Pupu time” slot
  11. Sunday  Schedule:
    1. Take Li’ili’i- our Aussie Border Collie mix to go find 4 lost weaned off goat kids at Dustins Lot, up mauka from our property
    2. Continue finishing up what we did not complete Saturday
    3. If got time set up new enclosure for the ducks and round up the ducks into the new enclosure
    4. Need fittings for rusted out fence gate hinge for new duck enclosure gate – pick up while down the hill
  12. Finish final edit for Kung Fu Tutu and Fishing stories for A Hawaiian Life, volume 2.
  13. Send in Wedding Certificates for Megan & Kekahukai’s wedding that I officiated.
  14. Find time to meditate and have quiet time.
  15. Work on Jeff Walkers -The Launch- focusing on triggers and pre-launch activities.
  16. Do back stretches and 100 sit-ups per day to strengthen back. Roll around on ball at least 3 times per day for my back.
  17. Update calendar for planting and preparations for Bailey House Full Moon Concerts
  18. Prepare for December 2, 10am non-profit board meeting at Tri-Isle, 244 Papa Pl in Kahului.

I love my life! Thank God we live and can farm in Hawaii.

-Uncle George