Fourth of July Lahaina Fireworks

Every Fourth of July, Front Street in Maui is closed off for a massive Fourth of July celebration and fireworks display.  I had the privilege of being able to go to this event with George Kahumoku.  In addition to the fireworks display we also got to eat at David Paul’s Island Grille   (Here is the Grille’s website) one of the best restaurants in Maui.


Unfortunately my mother was too sick to go with us, but the silver lining is that it meant we could order all the types of food that George and I love but she does not.  We had oysters, a fantastic ceviche (with tasty tomatoes, George’s favorite vegetable), a crusty French bread with an unusual avocado butter, beautiful pink ahi sashimi, and then an entree of seared ahi served over rice with asparagus on the side.  The meal ended with a slice of blue berry pie for dessert.   We forgot to eat dessert first this time!  Ahi sometimes has that effect on George.

After our fabulous meal we watched Maui’s fireworks display through the window of the restaurant.  David Paul’s Island Grille is one of the best places on Front Street to view the 20-minute fireworks display.  We took some unsatisfactory photos that I won’t share (just imagine a beautiful display is better).

I got to spend a lot of quality time with George in the car driving away from Front Street….. a lot.  The city might consider hiring some off duty police, or even private security or volunteers to direct traffic out next year to speed the exit.  I took George’s phone away from him so he couldn’t call 911, mentioning to him that being stuck in a grid lock does not constitute an emergency even if you do have to go “shishi“.