A Student’s Trip to the Kahumoku Farm

This next entry is not writing of my own but the experiences of a student of George’s from the workshop by the name of Carol Brown.  She visited his farm and helped to take care of it.  It was originally an email but I read it and felt that this kind of story has a place here.  So here it is.


I’m fortunate to be at George’s workshop in Napili on Maui.  He invited students to visit the farm, so I got up at 4am to take the 17 mile trip to George and Nancy’s home in Kahakuloa.

It was a harrowing journey along a single lane windy road with no guard rails…not a trip for the faint at heart and I was glad that George was doing the driving.  There are stretches where one vehicle would have to back up a long distance if you met another car on the road. There are very few turnouts to get past each other.. but that is what keeps the valley quiet and “local”.

I got to feed the ducks all the organic matter left over from meals.. they murmured softly as the ate the food… I guess that is where the term “lucky ducks” comes from.   I also fed the chickens and collected eggs and know the true meaning of “farm fresh”.  Onolicious.   And then I gave some grains and greens to the goats… there were mama’s, kids and a couple of billies all eager to have their breakfast.



I gathered herbs from the organic garden for our dinner tonight. At the workshop we eat wonderful healthy food each day, topped off with Nancy’s desserts at 10pm.  Who could ask for anything more?!

Even when George is busy teaching music, cooking great meals for his students and playing host, he still makes sure his whole ohana is looked after, even his critters.



Being a student at George’s workshop provides the “whole” experience of Hawaii and I’m grateful for the experience of visiting the farm.”

-Carol Brown
Halfmoon Bay BC, Canada