End of Semester Luau

It’s the end of the Semester at University of Hawaii – Maui College and at the end of all of George’s classes, both his music and gardening ones. He likes to throw a party for his students.     Most teachers who do that base the party out of their classroom however this semester the chairman must have had experience with George before so he put up a sign above his classroom that said “No Food Allowed.”  George, not being one to let a little obstacle like that stop his luau, decided to have it at his house instead.

After the students arrived at his house, George began by giving them the grand tour of his garden.  As many of you may know George, is a prolific gardener whose property resembles a jungle in some places.


When the grand garden tour ended George began the food preparation.  George is a master chef as well as a master musician to the point that it’s sometimes hard to tell which is more important to him.  When asked he says that he can’t decide…lucky for him he doesn’t have to and can do both.



Once everyone was finished eating the delicious meal the music class started a jam session where everyone plays their favorite song or plays in a group with George.  This gives the students an opportunity to show off what they have learned in class in an environment that is casual, fun, and friendly.



When the jam session ended and it was time to go home every student pitched in with the clean up, and took the leftovers home with them.   As good byes were said and hugs were given, I couldn’t help but ask myself  “where were the professors who threw after semester luaus like this when I was in college? “