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  • Santa Cruz Mother’s Day 2016

    I ka La’i O Chaminade Resort & Spa
    (In the Calm of Chaminade Resort & Spa in Santa Cruz, CA)
    A poem by GK for Nancy on Mothers Day,  May 8, 2016

    At first, it’s cold and rainy

    The singsong of the Mexican voices high up on the roof
    mixed with the singsong of the chirping birds!
    Two Mexicans talking in pleasant voices, pleasant to my ear like a slackkey song!
    They… Are…
    Changing broken red tiles from a wind stormed fallen Eucalyptus Tree! High above changing tar paper and replacing red tiles

    I see and inquire about knee pads that I can use for weeding my garden. The Mexicans send me shopping!
    I’m so lucky!!!
    I got two sets of leather knee pads, some gloves and a tool pouch from ABC Roofing on Soquel Ave (Santa Cruz, CA).

    It is still over cast and cold! Swimming in the pool, I am hearing lapping water sounds as I lap the pool.
    Nancy gets few swirls for
    Mother’s Day in the warm pool

    I observe a single black headed sparrow bouncing about pecking left over scraps
    under the bar

    Swallows dart in and out of another red tiled roofed out building
    At least 50 swallows dart in and out
    as they sing their songs, chase each other and hunt down bugs!

    A huge black raven perches on the black wrought iron enclosure then flies off into the distance

    An orange chested solo robin lands on the gate and proceeds to find bugs and worms on the rough-scaped lawn of New Zealand hite clover and mixed weeds and grasses

    High above, a lone black headed sparrow dives into the pool for a dip!
    Nancy says he is diving for large mosquitoes floating on the water
    We watch him preen his feathers and shake off the excess water.
    I think to myself, he just wanted a bath!

    The Sun warms my face as more people and their children come to swim in the 82 degree heated pool.
    Others warm up their bones in the bubbling hot tub and Jacuzzi.

    It’s Mother’s Day at Chaminade Resort & Spa
    I look forward to the free breakfast upstairs and the all-you-can-eat buffet at Noon!
    Ooops I missed breakfast! It ended at 10 am.
    In the room, lucky I still have corned beef hash and poached eggs with fruit left over from Rosies!

    The Aloha Spirit lives
    I ka La’i O Chaminade Resort and Spa
    -In the calm of Chaminade Resort & Spa

    Nancy’s hair is dry, she’s calling me to get ready to pick up our son Geoff for Mother’s Day
    Then its round 3 of the Cabrillo Spring Concert Dance Series with daughter Jessie.

    –Uncle George