2016 -Meaning of Life…

The opportunity a new year brings starts with reflection of what is, or has been, in order to gain perspective on which to build on.
For me the meaning of life is:

To Love
To share
To be loved and feel love
To help
To be helped
To be mentored
To mentor
To learn
To teach
To know the difference between right and wrong
To experience sorrow as well as joy
To be able to make choices
To use and experience joy and happiness with all our senses
To live
To develop our gifts
To use our gifts to serve others
To connect with others
To create music , dance and sing
To communicate
To let go
To forgive
To develop & use our physical, mental, & spiritual  assets as spiritual beings
To contribute
To remember
To forget
To develop and create a sense of community
To become an active member of one’s community
To be inspired
To inspire others
To know
To think
To put into action Gods plan
To know God
To learn to follow, as well as lead
To create stories
To create a story of ones life
To develop Culture and Art
To be Culture and be art
To learn
To experience being a child, a parent, and a grandparent
To heal
To soar
To fly
To dream
To find a partner in life and fulfill ones destiny here on this earth
To create a home for shelter as well as a home for our spirits to dwell in
To experience warm rain on my face and the promise of another day tomorrow
To work
To play
To rest
To plant
To weed
To Harvest
To eat
To experience sex
To tire out our physical bodies
To go beyond time and space
To dream
And to fulfill our dreams…

-Uncle George