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  • Good Vibrations

    Mila Salvador wrote in recently. She’s a Lahainaluna High School graduate with Bachelor of Education and MBA degrees from the University of Hawaii –Manoa, is the current president of the Rotary Club of Lahaina and describes herself as a “student in the classroom of Life”:

    Aloha Uncle George,

    I wanted to say MAHALO once again for your generosity, with your time and aloha.

    I wanted to let you know that I work in Ka’anapali and live in Pai’a so I have a pretty long commute everyday, to myself. Hence, each morning and afternoon I have wonderful opportunities to feel and hear the “vibrations” of the earth with less distraction as you encouraged in your opening chant. On Thursday, the day you came to speak to our (Rotary) club, I drove home after a long day’s work and I was thinking about what you had said in your presentation to our club. I thought about you and the work that you are doing with your music, film, the youth, your farm, etc. It made me realize how lucky we are to have someone like you in our lives to inspire us. You are a profound role model whose actions show us what it means to live life with purpose and passion, and most importantly, always with aloha.

    With this realization, I became overwhelmed with emotion and started crying… At first, I wasn’t really sure why. I mean, I don’t really know you personally nor have I had the opportunity to spend much time with you. And in fact, your stories are new to me. Perhaps, it’s because when you shared your ha, I took it in and it stayed with me. I realize how fortunate we, as a community and people, are so blessed to have inspiring and genuinely good people like you still around to help teach us what is pono and aloha. And we can’t and shouldn’t take that for granted. I think it is so important to keep your spirit and passion alive through others who can perpetuate the same values and understanding well into the future and ensure it gets passed on through generations. Your approach to ensuring sustainability of the culture and values through education, music, and film is wonderful and necessary. Thank you for all of your dedication and efforts.

    During the 10-minute clip you showed of the “Seeds of Aloha”, one of the things that stood out to me were the little white butterflies in the background flying around while you spoke and throughout the scenes shot at the farm. Butterflies bring to mind the simple beauty in nature meant to be embraced. They are symbolic of the childlike freedom to explore and be free that lie within us. They are tiny, insignificant little creatures in the scheme of things, bringing perspective and reminding us that we too are a mere speck, dot, blip in a universe that is simple, yet complex and has sustained itself for thousands of years through sheer luck or magnificent design. Either way, it is miraculous. And we are all here to share and revel in that mystery which is a gift. Nature and its creatures can really teach us so much and that is the essence that was captured in the butterfly scenes.

    I wish you the very best of luck with the film series and all of your future endeavors. We will try to come out to the farm one day to feel and hear the vibrations from the earth and the flapping of butterfly wings.

    Please know that you have one more supporter in me.

    Mahalo & Aloha,


    George Replies: ——
    Yes, what you were feeling was the “Huna Noeau” the secret understanding and wisdom of the earth, known and unknown, unlocked from the depths within you and coming to the surface! I believe you experienced what we call “Lokahi” or total harmony with the natural vibrations of the earth and were in essence vibrating, hence crying in symphony and sympathy and symbiotically with that natural vibration that Buddah called Nirvana, Jesus called Blessings, and Hawaiians call Aloha or Alo– full of, Ha or breath or again vibration. When you feel overwhelmed like that, just bask in the light of that feeling so you will remember it and can conjure that feeling at will! It will guide you towards your ultimate purpose in life and bring you peace and happiness. You will be able to guide others towards that feeling through your leadership!

    I for one never took notice of the butterflies in the film. They are actually cabbage moths laying eggs and raising caterpillars to eat my cabbages, broccoli and other vegetables in my garden. Because I farm naturally, I don’t spray any chemicals and we welcome all the creatures of the earth, big and small so that they can leave their footprint no matter how small, and their voice to the symphony of vibrations occurring naturally on this earth and through out the cosmos all the time. We share in the abundance that’s around us. (Watering the plants washes off most of the eggs but a few make it.)

    Again, mahalo for your kind words and sharing your experiences.

    -Uncle George