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  • Live from the Cindy Paulos Show

    Live from the Cindy Paulos Show
    A talk with George Kahumoku and Billy Yamaguchi
    January 27th, 2015

    Had wonderful talk with 4 time Grammy winner George Kahumoku Jr. and World Famous Hair artist Billy Yamaguchi.

  • 64th Birthday -Reflection

    “When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now…
    Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m sixty-four? “
    –Paul McCartney, John Lennon  (Copyright: Sony/ATV Tunes LLC)

    Hau`oli Lā Hānau e George!!
    …translates to “Happy Birthday”. “Hau`oli” means “Happy, glad, gay, joyful,” “Lā” means “Day, date” (as well as “sun, sunny”), and “Hānau” means “To give birth; to lay (an egg); born.”

    As a “celebration” of another year of this Hawaiian Life, I took an extra moment to watch the sun rise over Haleakala this morning from my farm garden at Kaukini Ridge at the Cliffs of Kahakuloa. A moment of appreciation as I go through my everyday routine of feeding the horses, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, our dog Li’ili’i and our cat Hiwahiwa. I watered all my favorite plants, trees and veggies in our garden.

    I indulged in my favorite Hawaiian breakfast of raw liver (Ake; left over from Uncle Richard’s Pa’ina for his recently departed son Ramzey,) raw fish, ulu (breadfruit,) poi, sweet potatoe, topped off with cherry tomatoes from our farm and friends. I made (and immediately drank) a batch of my version of “POG”: guava, passion fruit, and Calamencia lime juice, all homegrown with our own Kahakuloa farm honey topped with Roselani haupia ice cream (made by my neighbor Buddy Nobreiga for his daughter, Roselani!)

    Nancy called me this morning from San Francisco excited about new things she learned about Yoga and Ticket Fly (an interesting combination.) She promised me a special treat when she gets home!

    As the day progressed, I helped friends Mark Ellman and Kimo Simpliciano hook up with two dwarf Nubian Goats from our neighbors Jim and Julie La Croix and spent the morning sharing time and space with two great friends who happen to be great chefs as well as gardeners.

    I journeyed over to West Maui and got to swim for an hour or so at the Lahaina swimming pool with lifeguard friend Scott Metcalf.

    For lunch, I continued north stopping at Honokowai Okazuya to treat myself to another of my favorite dishes, teri beef (prepared rare) with grilled onions, which included generous sides of mac salad and rice.

    As I arrived at the Napili Kai Beach Resort, I got good news from my nephew Ikaika Enos and his wife Brittany! She is 5 months pregnant and he just got promoted to night manager!

    From the soothing shores of Napili Bay, I got to watch the sunset between the islands of Lanai and Molokai before I headed up to perform at the Slack Key Show. On this special day I shared music with guest artist and my friend of over 20 years, Paul Togioka from Kauai. Surrounded on stage with my “music ohana”, the Uke Boyz, Sterling and other show staff, we shared our Hawaiian Culture with a packed house at the Napili Kai Beach Resort.

    Life is good! All 64 years of it!
    I’m truly blessed by God’s Aloha & Grace

    -Uncle George



  • C.G. Simonds Inspiration

    C.G. Simonds [] was George’s sculpture and bronze casting teacher at California College of Arts & Crafts in Oakland (1972-74.) He and his companion Bibi live in France.


    December 28, 2014

    Charley & Bibi:  Thanks for visiting us and sharing a meal at our farm yesterday.

    Mahalo for sharing the brochure of your latest 2014 bronze work. It inspires me! I especially like the organic smoke and simple cartoonish shape of “Smokester II;” sort of like a figure taking a bow. “Touch & Gone” seems spooky and ‘Halloweeny’ and gothic all at once! I love the smoothness and wave ribbon like forms of “Inscrit.” What kind of material is Acier, a type of wood? I also like the simple playful shape and size of “Little Jack.” It looks good enough to eat! By the way, talking about good eats, an extra Mahalo to Bibi for her great cookies! How do you manage to stay in great shape with Bibi being a great chef and all!


    You have inspired me to get back into sculpture again. When working on the farm, all day, all week, all year…I’m ‘drawing’ in my mind all day, encouraged by the natural shapes and forms I see in Nature, all around me in the land and the sea, in the animals I raise and the food that I grow, share and eat! I need to make time to capture these observed shapes in my diary and sketchpad. I am currently illustrating three new books that I’m writing. I need to put the pedal to the metal and finish them!

    Today, I’m fixing fence lines, more correctly my neighbors fence lines, then digging out lantana weeds from my own pastures and planting more high protein peanut grass for our animals. I plan to reduce the 50 or so ducks that we have, down to a manageable dozen or so. I already culled 20 chickens and 20 ducks a few weeks back. I’ve already cut down the goat herd from 25 birthing does to just 12 and the current dozen birthing sheep to just 3 birthing animals. In this coming year, I plan on stopping the practice of using other people’s lots for my farming and ranching (50 or so acres around me) to concentrate on my own 3 acres.

    I’m tired of fixing other people’s fences and need to focus on my homestead! With the salt air that flows up from the Kahakuloa ocean cliffs only two miles away, I need to replace all of the exposed metal fencing which has rusted out over the last 10 years that Nancy and I have lived here.

    It was great to see you and Bibi! And you Charlie continue to be an inspiration to me.

    Your student & friend,
    George K