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George Kahumoku Jr gives music lessons via skype

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Aloha from Maui! I’m George Kahumoku, host of Maui’s SLACK KEY SHOW – Masters of Hawaiian Music and Director of the UH-Maui College Institute of Hawaiian Music. I’ve been teaching for over 40 years and also have an annual Slack Key Guitar & Ukulele Workshop every June on Maui since 1997.

Mahalo for coming to my Website. I’m now offering live lessons and am available by appointment for private Slack Key Guitar lessons. We can work with the songs you want to learn, or if you are just beginning, we can start with the basics of right and left hand technique, bar chords, chord shapes and scales, and learn songs applying these techniques. I use chording and picking patterns to teach general concepts that can be applied to any song, rather than tablature which teaches a song note for note.

My lessons are one hour long for $100, and payments are processed by PayPal.

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Uncle George