• An Old Article Written by Brad Burnham About the Grammys

    This is an older article about the Grammys written two years ago about George by Brad Burnham.  It was originally published in Maui Magazine’s Rhythm & Views column.  The title of the post is “The Grammys and George Kahumoku Jr.”  I chose to repost this article here because it is really good, but also quite difficult to find on the Maui magazine’s site.  I too will get to go to the Grammys with George, soon, the same way Brad did years ago and am looking forward to it.  Well here is Brad’s article: “The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences…

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  • Bella the Baby Goat.

    As many of George’s fans may know, he is a lot like Old McDonald in the sense that he has a huge farm full of animals and almost every type is or has been there at one time or another.  Well with the exception of pigs, but that’s only because the CC and R’s at the Cliffs at Kahakuloa prohibit pigs and roosters, and even then George found a way to circumvent this and had secret Cows and Pigs on someone else’s property that he didn’t tell Mom about.   Bella the baby goat is one of his new animals. Annabel…

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  • A Blog Post by George’s New Friend Ray Tsuchiyama

    George with his Taro Plants. He's very proud of them.

      Recently a man by the name of Ray Tsuchiyama met George Kahumoku for the first time and wrote this blog piece about him in Ray’s column for the Maui News.  He heaped George with praise of course. Here is what Ray Tsuchiyama had to say about George in his blog post: “Recently, I had a delightful meeting with the larger-than-life Renaissance-man George Kahumoku Jr.  I am not a follower of Hawaiian music, so I did not know that I was meeting such a distinguished musician, who lives on a farm on Maui.      Later I listened to George’s CD compilations,…

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  • Grammy Nomination Celebration Show

    As I have mentioned before my hanai father George Kahumoku and Daniel Ho have recently been nominated for the Grammys in the Regional Roots (George) and Pop Instrumental (Daniel) categories.  Tonight we had a special Slack Key show to celebrate that featured them plus the beautiful Tia Carrere, who won the Best Hawaiian Grammy last February.  If you wish to get an idea of just how big a deal these two artists are, the Maui news has an excellent article on them here. We even had a pair of cakes decorated with George’s Wao Akua and Daniel’s E Kahe Malie…

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  • Children’s Ukulele Class with Uncle George

    Once every two weeks George has a class where he teaches local children how to play the ukulele.  Some of the local mothers pack their and their neighbor’s kids into their mini vans and drive up here to the Kahumoku Family Farm.  With George of course a ukulele lesson is seldom just a ukulele lesson, he doesn’t get paid for this gig instead he works for trade, and by trade I mean helping him with his jungle of a garden and his zoo full of barn yard animals. The children get to play with and feed adorable baby goats before the lesson.  I’m sure they had fun. This…

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