• New Sheep for the Farm and a Lesson in Shearing Them

    George has a ram (sheep) that developed a crush on some of the goats due to limited dating options. After a series of fights with the Billy goat George decided that it was time to add some female sheep to the herd so our ram would have a girlfriend or two of his own species. The newly introduced sheep needed to be sheared before they could be integrated with the goats. None of us had any idea whatsoever how to shear a sheep, but how complicated could it be? The task could probably be done in twenty minutes…, or that was…

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  • Fourth of July Lahaina Fireworks

    Every Fourth of July, Front Street in Maui is closed off for a massive Fourth of July celebration and fireworks display.  I had the privilege of being able to go to this event with George Kahumoku.  In addition to the fireworks display we also got to eat at David Paul’s Island Grille   (Here is the Grille’s website) one of the best restaurants in Maui. Unfortunately my mother was too sick to go with us, but the silver lining is that it meant we could order all the types of food that George and I love but she does not.  We…

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