• A Student’s Trip to the Kahumoku Farm

    This next entry is not writing of my own but the experiences of a student of George’s from the workshop by the name of Carol Brown.  She visited his farm and helped to take care of it.  It was originally an email but I read it and felt that this kind of story has a place here.  So here it is. “I’m fortunate to be at George’s workshop in Napili on Maui.  He invited students to visit the farm, so I got up at 4am to take the 17 mile trip to George and Nancy’s home in Kahakuloa. It was…

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  • Slack Key Workshop Day 1

    Every year George Kahumoku holds his Annual  Slack Key Guitar & Ukulele Workshop at the Mauian Hotel.  Those who sign up for this event have an opportunity to study Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar with some of the top masters in the genre.   As an added bonus, participants also get to experience George’s top notch cooking every meal, tonight we had beef stew and taro.  As I have stated before George says he loves two things: music and food.  He just isn’t sure which one he likes more. One class today stood out from the others and was raved about by…

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  • The Injured Baby Goat


    George Kahumoku has a large number of goats on his farm, he always exaggerates the number in the herd and says “fifty” but really it’s around thirty goats at any given time. Recently a particularly adorable baby broke his leg and it had to have a splint applied. After three weeks the splint needed to come off.  George went into the field accompanied by our faithful herding dog Li’i Li’i. Li’i Li’i is a Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix who is a herding dog by nature.  It can be difficult to isolate and capture a baby from the pack by…

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  • Dessert First: A Tradition that Needs to Be Spread


    When I first met George Kahumoku he was leading a school tour group that I was a part of to learn the culture of Hawaii. Whenever we stopped to eat (which happened quite frequently because George loves food as much as music and gardening) George would always say “in Hawaii we have a tradition: we eat dessert first.”  He would then proceed to order ice cream or chocolate cake before the main course, and the entire school tour would follow his lead. Years later this tradition of eating dessert first is still being followed by anyone who has ever eaten…

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