Bella the Baby Goat.

As many of George’s fans may know, he is a lot like Old McDonald in the sense that he has a huge farm full of animals and almost every type is or has been there at one time or another.  Well with the exception of pigs, but that’s only because the CC and R’s at the Cliffs at Kahakuloa prohibit pigs and roosters, and even then George found a way to circumvent this and had secret Cows and Pigs on someone else’s property that he didn’t tell Mom about.   Bella the baby goat is one of his new animals.



My Sister Jessica bottle feeding Bella


Annabel the Mother

Annabel is our alpha female and one of George’s best mothers and she has mothered a good number of goats.  Unfortunately recently a stray dog came through the pasture at night and injured her udder.  This means that it’s now painful for her to nurse her baby, so she wasn’t letting Bella get the milk necessary to grow into a healthy goat.  So now each of us has to take turns bottle feeding Bella so that she can grow strong.



The farm is not normally my department, but for an adorable baby goat I can make an exception!   

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