Sweet and Sassy

Sweet and Sassy 
The Kahumoku Brothers

All songs are instrumentals except the vocal rendition of No Ke Ano Ahiahi

CD also includes song notes and tunings.

Executive Producer: George Kahumoku, Jr.
Producer: George Kahumoku, Jr.
Engineer: Woody DeMarco
Engineer: Howard Johnston (No Ke Ano Ahiahi)
Album Concept: George Kahumoku, Jr.
Liner Notes: George Kahumoku, Jr. & George Winston
CD graphic design: Daniel Ho
Cover Art: Meleanna Meyer
Digital photo editing: Steve Lankford
Copy editor: Nancy Sweeney

1988. Reissued 2001 

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Track listing

  1. Spanish Song
  2. Kaula ‘Ili
  3. Dad’s Slack Key
  4. Tennis Elbow Swing
  5. December At Mauna Kea
  6. Hilo March/Maui Chimes
  7. Pua Lilia (Lily Flower)
  8. Mauna Kea Mosquito
  9. No Ke Ano Ahiahi


Presented here, Moses plays a six-string Spanish style nylon string guitar and George plays a twelve-string steel string guitar. For the sake of economy, the have developed a style in which they divide and interweave both melodies and various parts of bass, rhythm, and lead.

On a higher level, the Brothers feel that their music is a reflection of their individual spirits and values. George is a farmer who works the aina (land) and Moses, the fisherman, has closer ties with the kai (ocean). Thus their music and be described as a coming together of the land and the sea.

Moses Kahumoku: six-string nylon string guitar George Kahumoku, Jr.: twelve-string steel string guitar

Recorded live to digital two track 10/7/1988 at Amazing Space - Kailua Kona, Hawai‘i

Remastered June 2001 by Howard Johnston at Different Fur Recording - San Francisco, CA 

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