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track# song name performer track time
1 No Ke Ano Ahiahi (vocal) Dennis Kamakahi (4:01)
2 Kama Puaa (vocal) George Kahumoku Jr. (3:19)
3 Pau Hana Rag (instrumental) Sonny Lim (3:32)
4 Aina Momona (vocal) Kawika Kahiapo (4:12)
5 Makee `Ailana (vocal) Owana Salazar (3:53)
6 Hoolohe Na Kupuna (instrumental) Jeff Peterson (3:26)
7 Sleepwalk (instrumental) Bobby Ingano (3:40)
8 Kealia (vocal) Keoki Kahumoku (3:14)
9 Koali (vocal) Sonny Lim
Sterling Seaton
Peter deAquino
10 Kupa Landing (vocal) Richard Ho`opi`i (2:33)
11 Mele Ho‘oku‘u (vocal) Daniel Ho (1:29)

WINNER! - 2010 52nd
for Best Hawaiian Music Album

The 5th recording of "live", on-stage performances, selected from the sixth year of the Masters of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Concerts on the island of Maui.

This CD features master guitarists: Dennis Kamakahi, Owana Salazar, Sonny Lim, Kawika Kahiapo, Keoki Kahumoku, Daniel Ho and George Kahumoku Jr.  

With special guests: Richard Hoopii,and Bobby Ingano.  Also featured are the young next generation nephews  -Peter DeAquino and Sterling Seaton.

Every track is a live recording from the weekly performances. If you're a fan of Hawaiian slack key guitar, and especially if you've attended one of the weekly live concerts, this is a "must" keepsake. If you haven't attended any of the performances, here's your opportunity to hear what you've been missing!

Song Notes:
On this album, it is our great pleasure to present music by many of Hawaii's finest slack key artists. As a bonus, there are performances by up and coming young players, plus leo ki'eki'e (Hawaiian falsetto) by our islands' most renowned practitioner of the art, Uncle Richard Ho'opi'i. Another included treat is a song featuring Hawaiian steel guitar by one of the true masters of the craft, Bobby Ingano.

1. No Ke Ano Ahiahi describes how a sailing ship is prepared while embarking on a voyage from the harbor to the open sea. In this mele (song), the ship leaves on the evening tide from Hawai'i to America. This song honors King Lunalilo, who traveled to America. Dennis Kamakahi opens in traditional chant style with the shout, "O Ye Sailors, pull up the anchor, let us prepare to sail!"

2. Ho'okupu is composed and performed by George Kahumoku, Jr. It refers to the famous Hawaiian lore of pig god Kamapua'a doing battle with fire goddess, Pele, complete with George's special vocal sound effects.

3. Pau Hana Rag (Work is Done Rag). Artist Sonny Lim says, "This song started out as a blues tune. One day, while playing it in different styles, it just fit so well in ragtime and 'Pau Hana Rag' was born! It's a feel good, pau (finish) work on Friday, ready for a beer kind of song! 'Pau Hana Rag' is one of my favorite compositions." It is played in Open Bb (Bb-F-D-F-Bb-D).

4. ‘Aina Momona (Abundant Land) was composed by Kawika Kahiapo and Anuenue Punua in celebration of He'eia on Oahu, where a traditional Hawaiian fishpond is being restored by a dedicated group of volunteers. The song speaks of the wondrous foods this sacred place provides, as we guard the work of our ancestors.

5. Makee 'Ailana (Makee Island) was composed by James I'i. We celebrate Makee 'Ailana, once located in Waikiki where the Honolulu Zoo now stands, long before the dredging of the man-made Ala Wai Canal. Famed for its waterways and springs fed by the valley streams of Palolo and Manoa, Waikiki was once filled with fishponds, taro patches, and Hawaiians. A favorite location for romantic rendezvous, we paddle across the water together to Makee 'Ailana! Owana Salazar performs this traditional melody.

6. Ho'olohe Na Kupuna (Hear the Elders) was composed and is played by Jeff Peterson. This melody came to him while playing a new guitar. It reminded him of what it was like to listen to the kupuna, or elders, play music when he was growing up on Maui. As a child he longed to have his own guitar some day. How sweet it is when dreams come true! The song is performed in G Taro Patch tuning.

7. Sleepwalk was recorded and released in 1959. The song was composed by brothers Santo and Johnny Farina. While not a Hawaiian song, it inspired many aspiring Hawaiian steel guitar players, including Bobby Ingano, who says, "Sleepwalk is the first steel guitar recording I ever heard. It's still my favorite steel number. To me, it will always be magical. This song is why I wanted to play steel!"

8. Kealia was written by George Kahumoku, Jr. It references the town of Kealia on the Big Island of Hawaii, ancestral home of Keoki Kahumoku, who performs it in both English and Hawaiian.

9. Koali is a place song, named for a district near Hana on Maui. Big Islands' Sonny Lim explains that this performance was a makana (gift) to the people of Maui for the Masters of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Show. In the old days you came from your island and brought a makana with you, either a song or a dance. Koali was done in Open C (C-G-E-G-C-E). Sonny Lim, George Kahumoku, Jr., Sterling Seaton, and Peter deAquino perform this song in a kanikapila or jam session.

10. Kupa Landing (Cooper Landing) was composed by Lot Kauwe. Cooper Landing is located at Ho'okena on the Big Island, and was a site where Hawaiian paniolo (cowboys) loaded cattle for shipment to Oahu. Hawaii's one and only Uncle Richard Ho'opi'i performs this playful tune in his trademark falsetto style.

11. Mele Ho'oku'u (Closing Song) wraps up our album. It is a kanikapila (jam session) closer with lyrics by Amy Ku'uleialoha Stillman and music by Daniel Ho. "A closing song for the end of the evening. Conclude the playing, put down the instruments. Let the sweet voices echo. Let us relax, reflect, praise. Be thankful."

Liner Notes

A wave laps upon a balmy and tranquil shore. The gentle trade wind rattles the fronds of palm trees leaning towards the sea. A man with a guitar rests against a tree and begins playing the music his father and his grandfather played. He learned the sweet sounds from them, and now he plays it for himself, for his elders and for his own children gathered around him in the warm sand. Thus a tradition is passed on to the next generation of Hawaiians. This is the heart of slack key guitar music.

At the weekly Masters of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Concert Series on Maui, Hawaii’s best musicians come together to play this unique style of music. This CD is the fifth in our series of albums recorded live at the show. Three have won GRAMMY awards for Best Hawaiian Album: Masters of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar, Volume One (2006), Legends of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar (2007) and Treasures of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar (2008). Spirit of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar (2009) garnered a GRAMMY nomination.

The concert series continues at Napili Kai Beach Resort in West Maui.
For information go to or call 888-669-3858 toll free for reservations.

CD also includes song notes.


Produced by:
George Kahumoku, Jr., Paul Konwiser, Wayne Wong, & Daniel Ho

Mixing & mastering:
Daniel Ho

Assistant engineers:
Lowell Edgar & Nani Edgar

Live recording engineers:
Peter deAquino & Sterling Seaton

Liner notes:  Paul Konwiser

Graphic design & photography:
Doug Katsumoto
Guitar photos courtesy of YAMAHA Guitars
Record Label: Daniel Ho Creations

Release Date: July 15, 2009

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