George Kahumoku, Jr. LIVE!! Footprints in the Poi

George Kahumoku Jr. LIVE!!

Footprints in the Poi

CD also includes song notes and tunings


George Kahumoku, Jr - vocals, 12-string Ransong & Takamine guitars

with guest artists:

Keoki Kahumoku - vocals, ukulele, 6-string Ransong guitar

Bob Brozman - acoustic steel guitar

Daniel Ho - ukulele

Produced by George Kahumoku & Lawrence Bryant

Recorded live by Nancy Sweeney

Engineered and Mastered by Lawrence Bryant

Cover design and photography by Jessica Sweeney

Liner notes by George Kahumoku, George Winston, & Nancy Sweeney

Graphics by Nancy Sweeney, Michelle Kiba & Daniel Ho


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Track listing

  1. Into to Hawaiian War Chant
  2. Hawaiian War Chant
  3. Into to Maui Girl Keoki Kahumoku
  4. Maui Girl with Keoki & Bob Brozman
  5. Intro to Mokohulu
  6. Mokohulu
  7. Tutu’s Story
  8. Lokomaika‘i (Amazing Grace) with Daniel Ho
  9. Touring Story Keoki Kahumoku
  10. Ke ‘Ala O Ka Jeep with Keoki Kahumoku
  11. George’s Food Story
  12. Ama Ama
  13. Intro to Holei
  14. Holei
  15. Vegetarian Story
  16. Waipi‘o Valley Song
  17. Intro to Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai
  18. Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai
  19. Into to Moani Ke‘ala
  20. Moani Ke‘ala with Bob Brozman
  21. Mango Tree Story
  22. Kai Malino
  23. Intro to Mauna Kea Mosquito
  24. Mauna Kea Mosquito
  25. Kahalewai
  26. Aloha Week Story
  27. Hanohano Hawaii/Sweet Lei Lehua with Bob Brozman
  28. Intro to Aloha Oe
  29. Aloha Oe

  30. Ulu Niu Ke'eke'e (The Crooked Coconut Tree) - George Kahumoku & Kekuhi Kanahele (vocal)
  31. Slack Key Serenade - Leonard Kwan & Ozzie Kotani (instrumental)


The delight of George’s Live performances is demonstrated in this compilation of songs and stories accumulated over the two years he stayed in California touring and working on his Master’s Degree.

This CD is a sampling of his recent mainland concerts and is distinctly different from his studio recordings.

Stories are included that relay aspects of Hawaiian culture and explain their meanings to everyone. These stories also reveal George’s unique sense of humor and philosophy of life.

Every concert is different and every show spontaneous. George is the premier live musician, feeding off the energy and enthusiasm of the audience. You will hear the banter with the audience and with fellow musicians as George tells his tales and performs in his own Kahumoku style.

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